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Bachelor Bath

Have you seen the trend towards masculine and feminine bathroom styles?

It only makes sense that we would want a bathroom designed for our specific needs. If you're putting on makeup, curling your hair and drinking coffee while getting ready in the morning, you want a light, bright space with lots of room to spread out your sprays, powders and lotions. If you prefer a low-maintenance, minimalist bathroom that meets all of your needs with no frills... the bachelor bath is for you.

What are some of the characteristics of a bathroom that make it ideal for a man?

  • Easy to clean

  • Functional

  • Attractive

Pretty simple! Let's start with easy to clean. Dark tile is great for a sophisticated look without showing every speck of dust. I'm not trying to imply that men don't clean the bathroom, but just in case you can relate...Charcoal is an ideal color for a bathroom that will hide the proof that you spend your weekends on the lake and not with a scrub brush. However, dark grout in a shower is a bad idea for anyone who doesn't clean every time they shower. A white film shows on grout and makes it look like it needs to be cleaned immediately after soap, shampoo or conditioner touches it. A shower floor that is mixed charcoal means you can use a lighter grout and still keep the darker vibes in the bathroom.

Functionality is key for anyone who values their time. Good design means that shower hooks are reachable without getting out of the shower. A niche that is placed correctly and doesn't get mildew because it stays wet all the time. In the case of the bachelor bath it means a niche with a LED-lighted, mirrored niche. Shaving in the shower is made easy with this finish. A wet room with no glass door or annoying shower curtain means no squeegee necessary and no cheap-looking shower curtain to continually push off of your legs.

Lastly, it's always a bonus if a design is attractive. Low-lighting, modern finishes and clean lines are ideal for the bachelor bath. It's not hard to see why men are leaning more towards this style.


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