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Bye-bye Stainless

After years of domination is stainless steel going out of style?

modern kitchen with vintage woodburning stove stone backsplash, copperware
deVOL kitchens mixing modern and vintage
We knew it would happen some day. Every kitchen trend comes and goes with the exception of white cabinets.

No matter how annoying and nonsensical stainless has been with it's reputation for showing every little fingerprint, it has been the top choice for the past 20 years. That is 10 years longer than most kitchen fads ever make it. Don't go throwing out your new commercial range that costs as much as a brand new Hyundai. What's trending next could cost as much as a new Mercedes. La Cornue is making a huge comeback (if it ever went out of style which I would not say it did). They are all made in France and completely customizable.

If you're a mere plebian, perhaps you could settle for a less extravagant range like this Hallman which will cost you what a 1980s Mercedes might.

What about fridges?

Yeah, those ranges are pretty nice. But what could possibly replace a stainless fridge?

Can you find the fridge?

Yup, that's the point! The hottest trend for kitchen appliances is integrated appliances.

For those of us saving for retirement the other option is this:

Unique Retro Range and Fridge from Home Depot

Available for under $3,000. Let's just say that at last you have options! You're no longer obligated to keep those stainless wipes stocked.

Gorenge Fridge

Remember when yellow kitchen appliances were all the rage? They're back!


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