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The Minimalist Home

Thanks to Marie Kondo we all know about minimalism. Many husbands hate the word and fear it's going a bit too far. Will this trend continue? What effect is it having on design?

deVOL Kitchens' diverse designs include minimalism

This buzzword has seeped into interior design and it shows. We see less clutter and more zen design with clean lines and simple spaces. But minimalist doesn't have to mean free from color and only modern finishes.

This may be what people imagine when they hear the word "minimalist" kitchen. However, any home can be converted into minimalist simply by donating the things in it you don't use on a regular basis. Chances are, although you had good intentions, you never use the juicer you bought for that cleanse you heard about. What about the crock pot you got as a wedding gift? You keep saying you will try that brisket recipe but it's been 6 years. In reality, most of us could live in a minimalist kitchen and be perfectly satisfied. It's only the fear of needing something in the future that prevents us from getting rid of the unnecessary.

"But I have kids" you say. You may need a little extra room for plastic (or preferably stainless steel) baby bottles, dishes, etc. But every few months, take an inventory of what you actually use every day or every week and get rid of the rest. Do you really need a salad spinner when you have several dishtowels? Do you need a special pan for grilled cheese when a medium pan will do the same job?

deVOL cabinetry

Minimalists are good at distinguishing "want" and "need". They are good at seeing the value in things in terms of what the item adds to their life vs the space it takes up. I never did read Marie Kondo's book. My journey to minimalism was a slow process that started with a backpacking trip. I realized on that trip that most things in my life were superfluous to my happiness. The path of minimalism is a journey and it's not superficial. It is a way of thinking, a philosophy of being not having. So although it is also a trend in design, I hope that it goes deeper than the superficial. I hope that it means more than just doing away with drawer pulls and paper towel holders.


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