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Are Tables Replacing Kitchen Islands?

It's been many years since kitchen islands replaced peninsulas all together. But now it seems that tables are showing up where islands once sat.

Old world checkerboard kitchen with French range, table instead of island
Urban Electric's Trendsetting Kitchen

As much as I love the practicality of a kitchen island with a sink, it seems that tables are becoming more and more popular in 2021.

Are tables more visually appealing than a group of cabinets?

It seems that country kitchens are becoming more popular as "modern farmhouse" loses the cool color trend and becomes more straight-up "farmhouse."

Old world kitchen with table instead of island, wood-burning stove in kitchen
William Birch table in a 17th Century House designed by Rose Uniacke. Photo by Lucas Allen Photo by

Perhaps it's our human nature to delight in novelty or maybe we have just had enough of this...

We may all agree that tables are more welcoming? But where will we charge our phones?

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

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