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Cottage Kitchens

One Christmas Eve while watching The Holiday I realized that I need to live in a cottage in the English countryside.

That's when I noticed that I have a long, lost attraction for cozy, cottage kitchens. For a solid 3 months all of my pins were of homes in the Cotswolds. I started following Marte Marie Forsberg and believing that my life would be complete if I could only arrange flowers and bake pies all day.

deVOL masters the art of cottage kitchens

I'm not sure which came first, my love of vintage kitchens or my obsession with stone cottages, exposed beams and fireplaces near farm tables. Either way, I would just love to have all of my Limoges porcelain on display in that little kitchen, pickle vegetables from the garden in the summer and invite my American family to come visit and show them how an aesthete lives. Could I ever afford one of those La Cornue stoves that would go so well in such a kitchen?

deVOL cabinets in a perfectly decorated cottage

Then two years ago I stayed at a 19th century farmhouse in Northern Italy. It had the most amazing wood-burning stove that you could actually use to bake and cook on. I decided that would be a perfect addition for my dream country cottage.

To stay warm near a fire with a pot of tea and bread in the oven while outside a winter storm is lovely!

For now I will have to be satisfied with eating cottage cheese. A girl can dream.


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