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Europe Comes to America Once Again

Ok well... Us Americans have a lot to learn about what is European. First of all, is the UK considered Europe? I still don't know. Maybe the English don't either. Also, it took me staying with English expats living in Dordogne, France to figure out that what I thought was French country decor is actually English country. Wow!

deVOL Kitchens started in the UK and now have a showroom in New York.

Photo cred: Our Food Story

Either way, most can agree that there is a certain "je ne sais quoi" when it comes to European kitchens especially those built before 1900. It's what we find so intriguing in our travels abroad. I have even started to have a disdain for anything that looks like it's from "icky IKEA".

Here is what I imagine a European kitchen to be when I close my eyes:

Maybe I spent too much time in Airbnbs in Tuscany.

Sadly for my aesthetic sensibilities. Here is what I'm seeing more of with the description "European style":

Can one actually cook in here?

I understand that "modern" has a place in the world. But this reminds me of a dermatology practice not a residential kitchen. We can't all have the same tastes, I understand that. But I do hope we see much more lovely spaces now that we have deVOL here in America. Check them out!


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