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Integrated Appliances

If it's true and stainless steel appliances are out of style. What is next? In line with the trend towards the old world kitchen, the less "modern" a kitchen looks, the better. That means no screens on the fridge door. In fact, you won't even be able to find the fridge which may confuse visitors.

This trend can either go towards minimalism like this deVOL kitchen designed by Clarence and Graves...

It's probably not the first time you've seen a similar method for hiding appliances. In the past an overlay was used to blend a refrigerator front with the other cabinets. That method is different from an integrated appliance.

Boston Appliance does an excellent job of explaining the differences here.

Kitchens are moving towards minimalism like this deVol kitchen:

deVOL's Strawberry Hill kitchen

Of course integrated appliances are also available in modern cabinet styles as well.

For DIYers, kits are available but may have to be shipped from the UK.


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