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Next in Flooring

We knew it was coming. In 2013 it seemed that LVT was taking the world by storm and would remain the hottest thing since sliced bread. Sadly, many could not get past the idea that it's a "laminate" product. While it is still a super hot product that sells very well in place of carpet, many homeowners just can't get on board with it and wood is their go-to. But is there something else on the horizon? Enter...again...terra cotta tiles.

deVOL Kitchens

First I got inspired by terra cotta floors from that same book I like to reference Linda Dannenberg's French Country Kitchens. But then I started seeing them all over Pinterest. Could it be that Pinterest just knows how much I love 19th century homes in France or is this now trending in the US? Maybe that's how I first discovered deVOL and their perfect kitchen designs.

deVOL Kitchens

Eventually I had to figure out how to get my hands on some of these practical and, of course. eco-friendly floors. What a surprise. It turns out they aren't so easy to locate, especially as I was interested specifically in the 6" hex variety. I finally found out that you can get them in a few places all of which are selvaged from 19th century homes in France. Another reason for me to move to France.

Thanks to Francois & Co. I learned that these treasures are called tomettes and were a popular choice for flooring 100-200 years ago. I guess they're sustainable and will last another 100 years. This information made me fall even more in love with them. They didn't even need to be in the hex shape for me to love them.

I was determined to find a more accessible tile with that same look. I had gone to every flooring store I knew of. After 19 months of searching I walked into a small local store where I grew up in FL and alas, there they were. Ok, well not exactly the same...Here it is from Floor Bros.

There you have it. If you don't feel like going all the way to France to get them, you have Tesoro and Floor Bros. You are welcome.


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