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Double Islands: do or do not?

If one island is good are two islands twice as good?

We can all agree that islands in the kitchen are pretty handy. They solve the problem of the "ideal work triangle". Having a sink or stovetop in the island shortens the distance to travel.

The other advantage of a kitchen island is that it is easier to converse while cooking with guests or family. While cutting veggies you can keep an eye on the kiddos or make your own cooking show.

But where does that second island come in handy? It seems a bit excessive unless you have a commercial kitchen or a waitstaff in your home. I've lived in a home with a giant square island. The island contained a sink, dishwasher and seating for 6. I had a hard time cleaning the very middle of the island without climbing on top of it. So maybe that is the reason for two islands. Still trying to figure it out.

The reality is that most people don't need more than one island and that singular island only needs to be big enough for pizza and a bum. My prediction is that the old world kitchen is the next big thing. We will be taking away two islands and replacing it with a simple table and chairs. Read more about that trend here.


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