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The All-White Kitchen - Is it going out of style?

White shaker cabinets, Carrara countertops, white subway backsplash, stainless appliances...sound familiar? Ok, ok, enough already! After 10+ years of these same selections, are we ready to move on? What's next?

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" you may be thinking. Unfortunately, we live in a world where trends govern the way people spend money. As soon as something is played out, few people want it anymore. Trends typically last about 10 years in the interior design world. While white is definitely timeless, once a specific material becomes ubiquitous, we as humans become uninterested, bored and ready for the next hot thing.

Take for example tile trends. Size of a tile is the best way to tell the age of a tile. 12x12 is very 90s. 18x18 is 2000s. 12x24 is 2010 to 2020. The future is in larger format tile. If you walk into a home and see 12x12, regardless of the color, you will know that it is 20+ years old. No matter how hopeful you are that you chose the right color of tile, the age will almost always be given away in its size. The way to avoid the trap of age identification based on size is to choose shape and dimensions that aren't too popular. For example, choosing a tile that's a diamond shape is a good idea for classic or modern aesthetics. No one could put an age on it. Plus, you can play with the layout for your desired effect.

Since white shaker is the new honey oak of kitchen cabinets, what is a better option? It's not that shaker is by any means going out of style. But the trend is going more towards colors or even natural wood as opposed to white. Grey, white and navy have been the most popular choices for cabinet colors. Now mushroom, green and even pink are becoming more common.

Countertops are still leaning towards light and bright. Since marble isn't a great option for practical reasons, quartz is the top choice. A matching backsplash to the bottom of the wall cabinets seems to be gaining in popularity. Although subway is still quite popular, zellige tile is a good alternative for a more handmade, interesting look.

What about appliances? Click here to read my prediction for the future of stainless.

In conclusion, I don't believe that white kitchens are going anywhere. But I do think that many people are tired of seeing the same, boring finishes.


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